Monkfish face: 1950 Veritas Saturn-Scorpion by Spohn


Veritas was an automobile company founded by Ernst Loof, Georg Meier and Lorenz Dietrich who initially re-built and tuned pre-war BMW 328 cars using components supplied by a customer, turning them into BMW-Veritas cars: basically every Veritas until 1950 was based on BMW chassis and engine.


The coachwork was then committed to Hermann Spohn, an historic coachwork shop founded in the early ’20’s which, after the WWII, was reborn after having found a connection with an american soldier who committed to them several cars based on american cars like the  Buick LeSabre.


This particular car is called Saturn-Scorpion and, differently from the latter cars (with odd and huge rear fins) it has a clean design, typical of the late fourties. It seems like it was abandoned in a garage many, many years ago probably after a problem with the engine head which, indeed, is not with the car anymore. Apart from this and other parts missing from the engine bay, the car look almost complete. It is an ultra-rare and important car and maybe for such reason the asking price is huge. Find it for sale at $395,000 here in Ladenburg, Germany.

7 thoughts on “Monkfish face: 1950 Veritas Saturn-Scorpion by Spohn

  1. Spohn’s post war custom coachwork on some two dozen or more American chassis was done for multiple individual owners, and while some had tails resembling the Harley Earl LeSabre, others did not.


  2. My father used to own one many years ago. Another unique design: Coupe with the half-circle gills behind the front wheels, covered rear wheels, and some small windows behind the door windows. How I know? I am looking at (crying over) a photo with my father and the car changing wheels outside the office he used to work. After that the rear axle later went partly broken, he traded in the car for a FIAT to use to commute to work. That car in good condition must be worth a fortune today. I have never seen one like this ever, and I have been searching a lot. Similar ones I have seen have the ugly “vent-like” gills. Truly a unique car.


  3. 1950 BMW Veritas Comet Coupe , lets get in touch I believe I know the car you are looking for. We can trace back the history to 1962 of this particular Veritas in the United States and have photos of it at the factory in 1950 just can’t fill in the gap from 1950-1962


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