Little hot wannabe: 1970 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix


Fourty years ago there wasn’t a wide choice when you wanted a sports car but you had a little budget: factories like Francis Lombardi tried to fill this market gap.


Of course we’re talking about the european maket which, generally, was afflicted by high taxes on big displacement car and by expensive gas prices, so the only way was to build light cars with small engines: this car has both as it has a mostly plastic body mated with a Fiat 850 c.c. engine.


The car is not a rocket, of course, but at least it has a sporty and aggressive look: never forget that Abarth chose this platform to build the “Scorpione” with a 1300 c.c. engine which could be even swapped with the actual 850. The ar looks like a preserved specimen which maybe had a new paint, interiors look original (we love the instrument cluster in the middle of the dashboard) and the overall look of the car is correct: with the right power this car is potentially a fun factory. Find it for sale at €28,000 (today $29,500) here in Marsala, Italy.


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