Touched by the Genius: 1970 Opel 1900 GT “Conrero Edition”


Virgilio Conrero has been one of the most famous and successful italian tuner of the last century. His career as a tuner began putting his hands on Cisitalia’s soon after the WWII, but his name is mostly gathered with Alfa Romeo: he built his first twin plug head in 1954 and succesfully tuned a lot of winning 1900 and Giulietta Sprint.


Starting from the 1970, he was officially involved by Opel in putting his hands on the 2000 GT which began to win as well: the greatest victory was probably the 2000 cc class (and 9th overall) at the 1971 Targa Florio. It is said that he stopped to count his cars victories after the thousandt one.


And this car here is said to be on of the 1900 tuned by Conrero. Of course the look is not of a family car and you soon suspect that there could be more than just flares. Indeed the engine is 10% more powerful than stock (this car should have the type 19E engine). The seller says that this car was built to be sold to Switzerland to join the group 4 championship, but that indeed the cars has been never raced. It is registered as “Opel Conrero”, and basically, with the exception of some minor flaws of the paint, it is mechanically ok. If this cars is just as the seller says, this could be your summer gift. Find it for sale at €11,800 (today $16,000) here in Faenza, Italy.


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