The last one: 1956 Salmson 2300 GT by Motto



The french builder Salmson had quite a long history started in 1890, having its best years between the first and the second world wars, unfortunately they were not able to face the new challenges of modern era and so they were definitely out of business in 1957.


The car shown here is said to be the 1956 Paris show car and indeed it has quite a “rock” look: it is a sedan butt has a two tone paint with an odd shape as it actually, somehow, recalls some patterns of the 50’s and 60’s hot rods. Still it would be a shame to forget that the aluminium body was shaped by Rocco Motto, one of the greatest italian coachbuilder ever.


The 2300 c.c., DOHC engine was designed in the early fourties but it was a very good one, for this car it had some glitches which make it have a good power also thanks to the twin throath Weber carburetor: 105 hp were a respectable power for a sedan of the late fifties. Interiors look very nice too, thhis car looks really like a proper time capsule. The car is said to be auctioned on November 6th, we suppose that the price of €20,000 (today $22,000) is ust the starting bid. Find it here in Salles-sur-Mer, France. Thanks to Frits for this tip!


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