Old acquaintance: 1959 Italia 2000 by Vignale


We know this car, we have even seen it in person and we must admit that it’s a great specimen, even if some details could be improved.


According to the Italia 2000 page on Facebook, this should have the Vignale body #8, it’s is indeed a very early specimen which has been restored around eight years ago in Switzerland, then it joined the 2008 edition of Villa d’Este (where we saw it), then it was sold to its unfortunate new owner who passed away two years later.


This is a car restored completely, so there’s nothing about the body or the engine (apart from the weber carburetors, more reliable than the SU but still not original) . Also the interiors have been redone, even if they have some ‘creative’ features: the ashtray which, other than being not correct, has been put in the wrong place (it should be after the gear lever, not ahead of it), the seats stictching which belong to the latest specimens, and some other detail. But, of course, these subtract few from the overall quality of this car which is indeed high, as well as the asking price. Find it for sale at £89,500 (today $138,000) here in Diss, UK.

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