The other aircooled: 1970 Karmann-Ghia TC


It’s not usual at all to see a TC (also known as Typ 145) for sale, as these were quite rare cars because back then they were not a best seller at all.


The TC was built by Karmann-Ghia do Brasil and it was born by the pencil of Giorgetto Giugiaro, in the last period before leaving Ghia to establish his own Italdesign studio. The platform used to build this coupé was of the VW Variant, instead of the Beetle one, and if you don’t know what car is it for sure your first thinking doesn’t go to Volkswagen.


This one for sale is for sure a car coming from the american continent, and probably from the U.S. as the red taillight show us. It is a car to restore but the seller says that it was never crashed and that the paint is all original: the paint on the lid is it for sure. He also says that the engine needs a service (!!) but that he has some spares to give to the new owner. He doesn’t say about the build year, so we have supposed it is from 1970. Find it for sale at €4,000 (today $4,500) here in Catania, Italy.

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