Scaglione’s oddball: 1970 LMX Sirex


Most classic cars nuts don’t even know that once there was an italian car factory called LMX Automobile S.R.L. who produced very few specimens of a GT with a Ford engine and a fiberglass body.


Actually this car was produced in around 35 units as the factory went bankruptcy, probably due the the oil crisis and a bad marketing office: we don’t know how much this car costed back then but we suppose that the price was much less than a Montreal or a Porsche: probably the V6 Ford with a 2.3l displacement (the same installed in the OSI) was not enough seductive for the potential buyer.


Fiberglass was not an attractive material as well, but the lines drawn by Franco Scaglione (the same who designed the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale) are beautiful. This particular car seems a preserved specimen; it has the original black plate, a very-seventies green paint and a long hood, just like a proper italian gt car of the sixties and seventies and basically it seems very well preserved: that’s an opportunity to buy a beautiful and ultra-rare car at an affordable price. Find it for sale at €22,000 (today $27,500) here in Brescia, Italy.

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