Just drive: 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint


This is “just” a type 101 Giulia Sprint, but it has been put down in a very pleasant way: the only thing that it needs is to be driven, nothing else.


It was sold new in Milano in March 1960 and there it stayed until someone bring it to UK: there it has been overhauled with a roll-cage, a sport handling kit and two beautiful giant Cibie fog-lights which give the car that classy rallye look. Basically it is fully equipped for any historic event.


The engine too has been rebuilt but the interiors remain almost stock: they have been equipped with a couple of inertia reel belts but the seats remain original, along with the steering wheel and the dashboard. We suspect that this car will give the new owner a lot of satisfactions. Find it for sale at £32,000 (today $51,500) or near offer here in Radford Semele, UK.

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