Montecarlo night blue: 1964 Sunbeam Venezia by Touring


Here it is a rare car made upon an anglo-italian connection. It’s not the first time we see such hybrids, but generally only top-end cars were commissioned to the italian masters of Touring (one for all: the AM DB4 GT by Zagato). This is a rare exception to such rule.


This car was made from 1963 to 1964 and, as part of Rootes industrial group, it shared its engine with the Humber Sceptre: it was an inline-four, 1600 c.c. which produced around 80hp: not much but quite good for an elegant tourer like this car is.


This particular car (chassis #R3190142) is said to be a time capsule with 10k miles since new: we could believe it. The seller says that it was first owned in the UK by Sunbeam enthusiast Keith Pountain, than it was sold at auction in May 1986 and reregistered ‘XRE 81G’.  It comes with many bills, invoices and other documentation. Time capsule or not, it looks beautiful. Find it for sale here in Montecarlo, MC, with bidding just over $20,000 and reserve (of course) not met.

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