Red but understated: 1965 Fiat 850 Spider by Vignale


Nowadays it often happens that “spider” means “exclusive” and “expensive” but not many years ago, you didn’t need to be rich to drive with the wind in your hair.


The 850 Spider was one of those cars made not to affirm a social status, but just to have fun without spending a lot of money. It was based on the popular Fiat 850 which was indeed an economy car, but at the same time it was shaped by Vignale who gave her a special touch, as usual for such an experienced firm. Also Bertone made his own spider version based on the same car, but that is another story.


This car looks almost flawless and it still carries the original black plate. No photos on the interiors, undercarriage or engine bay have been provided by the seller, but we expect this car to be as nice inside as it’s outside. The seller says only that it is equipped with a Nardi steering wheel, Campagnolo rims and an Abarth exhaust and that it has been driven only to join classic cars meeting. Find it for sale at €8,500 (today $11,500) here in Marsala, Italy.

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