Four-wheeled scooter: 1961 Vespa 400S


Differently from what you could suppose, the Vespa 400 was built in France by ACMA (a Piaggio spin-off), because Piaggio wanted to avoid any commercial conflict with Fiat which, back then, was the incumbent little cars producer and the most powerful economic (and not only) institution in Italy.


Jumping back to this car, the seller bought it 15 years ago but now he’s forced to sell because of financial reasons. It has been repainted in its original color while interiors have been redone 13 years ago. All those things toghether make a beautiful assembly.


A good thing is the huge number of photos provided which show a very good specimen: this car lived its entire life in southern California so it didn’t have to deal with snow, salt and other elements which could have compromised its health. No, you will never feel like a supersonic plane pilot driving this car pushed by a 400 c.c., two-stroke engine, but boy, that’s so cool! Find it for sale here in Los Angeles, CA, with bidding just above $3,000 and reserve not met.

One thought on “Four-wheeled scooter: 1961 Vespa 400S

  1. Now this is different, both rare and cute, and I’d bet the seller is looking for a considerable chunk from the future purchaser.



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