Transformed Topolino: 1939 Siata Amica Trasformabile


This is an ultra-rare pre-war Siata Amica Trasformabile, built on Fiat 500B chassis (a.k.a. “Topolino”). It’s indeed a rare event to see one of these, especially if for sale.


This car has not only the chassis but also the engine, drivetrain and suspensions of the Topolino so the good is that finding the correct spare parts it’s not so hard. Apart from the dust, this car looks healthy and with a very elegant color combo: the ivory shade matches perfectly with the green interior.


The seller says that this car was restored more than twenty years ago and that it has been stored since then. There are few photos but the impression is that apart from some refreshing of the usual items like the brakes and fuel line, it needs nothing more to be driven. It also carries its original black plate which is a must on a car like this. It’s a lovely little convertible with, unfortunately, a not-so-lovely asking price. Find it for sale at €60,000 (today $82,000) here in Maruggio, Italy.


3 thoughts on “Transformed Topolino: 1939 Siata Amica Trasformabile

  1. I am interested in the Siata Bertone 1939, can I receive more info
    Car registered? Were is possible to be seen? Price request still 60K Euro?


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