Transformer: 1967 Ferves Ranger 500


Apart from having the same colors of Bumblebee (the Camaro of the film Transformers), this tiny car has another similarity with such film: it is basically a Fiat 500 chassis and engine transformed by Ferves, a little company among other similar companies which rose in the late ‘60’s and generally closed in the mid ‘80’s.


These companies were specialized in building funny cars generally using Fiat cars as starting point and fiber/plastic for the bodies: this particular car, the “Ranger” was based on the Fiat 500F. This funny car is actually homologated to transport four people who could so enjoy the wind (few) through their hair.


There is also a soft top but we wouldn’t bet on its reliability; however, we love some details like the spare wheel on the rear lid and the extremely short wheel base. It is of course a car that should be used in warm climates, even better if near the sea: be sure that this car will be an eye magnet much more than any other supercar. Find it for sale at €7,900 (today $10,500) here in Miane, Italy.


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