Racing oddball: 1946 Fiat 508 CS Berlinetta Mille Miglia


If you study the italian cars production between the 30’s and the ’60’s you’ll soon realize that the coachbuit cars production based on Fiat chassis is almost endless. This car is called 508 CS Berlinetta Mille Miglia and it looks like it has an aluminium body put on a Fiat 508 chassis.


The seller says that this car has a racing past as it belonged to the gentlemen driver Giuseppe Zuccolini during the fifties: it has original papers but the plate, although it’s an old one, was issued in 1961. No info about the coachbuilder are provided.


The car looks in good shape: the body is quite perfect but it lacks of the windshield, some external trims and the dashboard (???): this last one could be the most problematic item to rebuild as, without a period photo, it could be only imagined. The windshield too is a problem but it could be built from scratch using a mold. The seller says also that a Fiat 1100 engine with a Stanguellini head is available to be mated to the car. Find this challenge for sale at €36,000 (today $49,000) here in Ferrara, Italy.

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