Push-Me-Pull-You: 1965 Volkswagen Beetle


Ok, where to start from? Mmmmhhh….this car is made melting toghether two front clips of two VW Bugs, giving to the car a perfectly palindrome look. The seller says that although “This car was built strictly for fun” actually “the build-quality is not a joke”. For sure, it wouldn’t have been a joke to build such car.


The seller says that the engine has been completely rebuilt wich more than $7,000 in invoices, and that one of the two steering wheels and gear lever are inoperative (which?).


The oddities don’t finish here: the seller says that this car is titled as 1965 but it has a 1964 VIN; however, the car has many parts of ’63 and ’64 models. We really think that there is nothing that we could add that could speak more than the photos. Find it for sale here in Minneapolis, MN, with bidding at $8,200 and reserve met.

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