Cheap limo: 1975 Mercedes 450 SEL


This big Benz is said to be a barn find in great overall conditions. The seller says also that in the last year he replaced cap and rotor, waterpump, radiator, hoses, center-bearing, headlamps, and a thorough flush of the oil, trans, and powersteering fluids; all these things mean enough money spent on it. Also a set of period AMG wheels have been installed by the current owner.


Other than things told previously, the seller changhed the exhaust too, replacing the original one with a aftermarket Dan-Fast which produces a meaner sound although it looks stock. The overall look of the car is indeed very good, there are however those ugly U.S. bumpers which have the power of messing up the look of whatever car.


Interiors show the Mercedes quality: stock look and very good conditions. This car is a great cruiser with a mean engine which, if properly mantained, could afford other 160,000 miles without major issues. Find it for sale at $2,900 here in Seattle, WA.


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