Mille Miglia entry: 1955 Fiat 1100 TV


We are used to see many million dollars cars racing the Mille Miglia: actually this car represents the cheapest entry point for such historic race. In fact, every year at least five 1st series Fiat 1100-103 TV are admitted to the race, and this car belongs to the same breed.


We are pretty sure that this car has never been restored during its life: it is a proper car for this “patina week”. It proudly shows the original 1955 black plate along with a solid aspect. The middle fog lamp is missing but it wouldn’t be a great problem to find another one. An important thing to be checked is the presence of the original engine (type 103.006). Also the head, on this model, was marked with “TV” letters.


Interiors are exactly like you’d expect: old, tired, but complete and original. The TV model had a 150 km/h scale speedometer (instead of 130) and a turtle-look steering wheel. No one could assure that you’ll be admitted at the MM with this car but, for sure, you’ll have some more chances. Find it for sale at €10,000 (today $13,000) here in Lamezia Terme, Italy.

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