Methanol fed: 1956 Cooper Junior X1 Formula 3


John Cooper was the first (officially) who had the intuition of placing the engine behind the driver. Enzo Ferrari himself didn’t agree with this idea as, according to him, “steers have to pull the cart, not to push it”. Many years later, Ferrari converted himself to Cooper’s religion. About this particular car, the seller says that the actual setup includes methanol fuel supply and hillclimb gearbox ratios.


This car is said to have been a factory works Formula 3 car, but its was used only for testing; so it never raced or crashed but it have been always cared. It is pushed by a Triumph 650 c.c. twin-parallel cylinders engine. Not a big displacement for sure, maybe it’s enough when you think that this car should weigh less than your iPhone. Driving this egg with your butt riding at few inches from the tarmac must be a staggering experience. Find it for sale at £23,950 (today $39,500) here in Hampshire, UK.

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