Commander’s bug: 1947 Volkswagen Typ 1

The history of Volkswagen during the Second World War and in the years immediately following is complex and has many dark sides or in any case little known if not by the greatest experts of the brand.

One of these is the vehicle rebuilding program set up by the US army immediately after the war, with the aim of rebuilding vehicles damaged during the conflict since the Volkswagen factory had suffered heavy damage and was consequently unable to produce cars. or other vehicles.

This is one of the Typ 1s produced in 1947 and destined for the American command stationed in Germany, Each vehicle was thoroughly rebuilt and given a new coat of paint, new tires and battery. These vehicles were then supplied to NATO allies under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program. The car is in good condition even if the engine is no longer the original one: clearly on cars like these you need the supervision of a real expert because there are dozens of details that could be incorrect (and we do not know them), however there are it looks like a not indifferent collector’s item. Find it for sale at €99,900 (today $118,000) here in Arnhem, Netherlands.


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