Cheap and chic: 1973 BMW 3.0 CS

The BMW E9 series is one of those that has had one of the biggest revaluations in the past decade, yet these are complex cars.

Complex and expensive to repair, both as regards the bodywork and the engine and transmission: they were the supercars of the 70s and, in fact, they had a build quality and finish almost incomparable to all their competitors: if you tried to drive a good example, you would never say there are cars designed 50 years ago.

This published here is a carburetor example and therefore does not cause the headaches that the D-Jetronic injection can give in the event that the latter works incorrectly, it also looks like a dry car (from the videos posted by the seller), however if in the first photo the nose looks perfect, in the video it seems that the car has damage caused by a rear-end collision. The automatic transmission may not be attractive, but the price certainly is. Find it for sale at $16,900 here in Dallas, TX.


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