Mega rare: 1947 Fiat 500C “Panoramica” by Zagato

fiat 500 panoramica

Update, same day

This is a scam: A reader told us that the real owner of the car never put the vehicle up for sale and he will never do so: be careful if you see the same car popping somewhere for sale again.


Too bad for the presence of only one (bad quality) photo: this small work of art on wheels would have deserved more. It is a car belonging to the “Panoramica” series built by Zagato between the first post-war period and the early 1950s: the famous Milanese bodywork interpreted several cars according to the “Panoramica” scheme, including some, very rare, Ferrari and Lancia.

fiat 500 panoramica 2

Obviously the greater number of cars so modified was mainly related to the Fiat, in particular to its entry model: the 500C for sale is one of those and still has its original black plates, the price is obviously not real (like the same seller he says) because the price will be very high: we hypothesize that, in all likelihood, this car could easily end up in Japan where there is a real cult for these cars. Find it for sale here in Padru, Italy.


One thought on “Mega rare: 1947 Fiat 500C “Panoramica” by Zagato

  1. Questa foto dell’auto non è di un proprietario della provincia di Sassari a Padru che aveva messo l’annuncio su e abbiamo segnalato che si tratta di una frode a quel sito e hanno eliminato subito e l’auto appartiene ad un mio famigliare qui in Puglia in Italia.


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