Corvette red: 1971 Opel GT 1900


The seller of this Opel 1900 GT says that, if you are an Opel enthusiast, this is the car for you because it’s rare and in “very, very good conditions”.


Actually we aren’t Opel enthusiast (be real, it’s rare to meet an Opel enthusiast) but we always liked this car just because it’s a different animal from the usual Open breed of cars, made mostly for the family needs even though they’ve always been built well. Opel was part of GM back then and indeed the similarity with the Corvette C3 is clear.


The seller of this car says that he somehow restored it as he didn’t buy it as a barn find but as a car that needed some touches to be nice: metal panels were already good, differenty from many others GT 1900 for sale, basically he made all the work needed in order to make this a perfectly working car. Find it for sale at $15,000 here in West Norrinton, PA.


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