Tiny coupé: 1969 Fiat 850 Sport Racer Berlinetta by Bertone


If this car was as long as its name, now we were looking at a 20 feet car. Indeed, this is te tiniest coupé built by Fiat and designed by Bertone.


One of the strangest things about this car is that most of the production was exported to the U.S.A: number says 2,890 out of 3,641, unfortunately very few specimens still survive, probably because this little car was considered a nonsense alternative to its spider sister: we find that this car has a very interesting design and nice proportions.


This particular car is said t be a survvor: the seller has posted many photos where you an see that the car is mostly rustless. The seller says that also the floors are almost perfect and that’s because thic ar lived always in Sicily where the wheather is like the one of Southern California. Find it for sale at $16,500 (today $20,450) here in Caltanissetta, Italy.


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