Invest in gold: 1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal


This metallic gold (Oro 826 is the factory shade name) Alfa Romeo Montreal is not a perfect car, but it’s still in good conditions like many other survivors like it.


That’s because the Montreal, thanks to Bertone, was the first Alfa ever to have an anti-corrosion treatment of the body: indeed it’s a rare event to find a rusty Montreal and when you find one, that’s probably because it has been abandoned outside for years.


We all knowwhat’s the usual problems wth these cars: the SPICA MFI but, let me tell you this, that’s a fake problem. There are specialists around who are able to rebuild it (with a cost of $2,000, more or less) and once done, I can assure you that these cars fly. Find it for sale here in Candia, NH, with bidding at $25,000 and reserve not met.


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