Breaking new: 1969 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix


Once again there’s a little Francis Lombardi which pops out for sale, this time the car is not painted in the “usual” red but in yellow, which fits it very nice.


Although the car looks the same as the Abarth 1300 Scorpione, it has several subtle differences especially in the suspensions other than, of course, the engine which, in this car, is the “little” Fiat 850: not fast but you always can think to replace it with a more powerful 1000 c.c., the same used on the Autobianchi A112 Abarth.


The seller says that the brakes have been just redone as well as the steering wheel which has been just reupholstered but, apart from this, the car is said to be original: for sure the interiors look original but the body has been resprayed: othere than that the photos don’t show anything else but a set of nice, period correct, Mille Miglia Maifrini mag rims. Find it for sale at $19,900 (today $22,000) here in Gradara, Italy.

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