Many badges: 1950 Fiat 1100 “Stella Alpina” by Monviso


The “Stella Alpina” is the name of a rare flower growing along the Alps rising on the northern edge of Italy: it’s so rare that if the police catches you with one of those you will pay a huge ticket. This car is even more rare than such flower.


Monviso coachworks, which built this ca, was specialised in building special cars on Fiat chassis: their mission was to build luxury cars at an affordable price thanks to the reliable Fiat platforms: unfortunately after the WWII still too few people could afford these kind of cars and that’s why there are so few of these around these days.


This particular car is said by he seller to be in “spectacular” conditions and, actually, there is nothing that we can see by the photos provided which can disprove such statement: the paint seems shiny, the outer trims look correct and complete, both headlights and taillight look correct along with the rare hubcaps. Unfortunately there are no many photos of the interior and engine bay, but we suppose that the quality level is high even there. Find it for sale at €65,000 (today $73,000) here in Foggia, Italy.

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