Little car, great style: 1963 Fiat 600 Coupé by Vignale


You don’t need to have an important badge on the hood of your car, nor you need to spend a truck full of money to own a stylish classic car: this car proofs that.


Also the Fiat 600 chassis and engine (which displacement, on this car, was increased to 750 c.c.) was used by many coachbuilders to make special cars for clients who couldn’t afford big names like Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Ferrari or Maserati but they wanted something special to drive as well: this car was one answer to their need. Not a rocket for sure, but at least it has a sleek line and special finishings.


This particular car is said to have 35,000 original kms, no rust or bondo at all and a perfectly running engine even if the paint has some flaws: we can add that interiors look well too but unfortunately the photo which is supposed to show the engine bay is too dark to spot anything. We guess that, for the asking price, this car needs to be seen in flesh. Find it for sale at 8,800 (today $10,000) here in Nova Milanese, Italy.

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