Save me: 1970 Francis Lombardi Grand Prix

Once again here it is a seller who doesn’t tell about the build year of the car he’s selling: the Grand Prix was built from 1968 to 1972 so let’s assume this is a 1970 car.

A nearly fifty years old car which needs a lot of cares: this car has been parked for many years since its last run and that’s quite clear to see: he good is that the car looks complete with every original part so you will not have a lot of headaches to find the correct spare parts.

Like a Miura SV this car has a nice color combo: double black with golden rims is a very nice combo: actually this car has an 850 CC Fiat (as well as the chassis) engine but, as long as it needs a full restoration, a 1300 cc engine (Abarth Scorpione-wannabe) could be an option. The asking price is low so it could be seriously worth the effort. Find it for sale at €3,000 (today $3,300) here in Milano, Italy.


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