Four Borranis and one bumper: 1967 Maserati Quattroporte


This Maserati Quattroporte (#AM107/1420) should be what is generally considered a a typical good basis for a full restoration job as it is quite complete: it misses the front bumper like many other projects we’ve seen so far and, actually, we still an’t understand why so many cars miss at least one.


And for sure this car doesn’t run since many years: we guess that the last run of this car hasn’t been later than the early eighties. The seller says that the car comes from the U.S. but maybe this car was delivered new in France as the yellow headlights tell us.


The seller says also that the car, especially the floors, is a solid specimen and that’s always a good news. One of the positive things of it is the Borrani wire wheels set which were not so common on a Quattroporte (they were much more used on the Mexico for instance); the bad is that these rims are extremely expensive to restore. Basically, the whole car needs an expensive restoration so, as long as the asking price is not low, do your math. Find it for sale at €38,500 (today $41,700) here in Oud Gastel, Netherlands.


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