Radiale: 1969 Abarth 1000 TCR


Few of these cars are still around. Ok let’s say it better: several TCR are around but few, very few (we guess less than 30) are the real thing. This 1000 TCR (Abarth 210/1748) should be one of these as the first owner was Abarth itself.


Indeed the seller says that this car still has the original plates and papers: on these the first registered owner was Abarth & Co. so we suppose that Abarth wouldn’t have made fake cars.


If this car is compliant (as a 1969 car) with the Group 2 homologation, it should have 93 hp @8,000 rpm and a whopping 200 km/h (125 mph) top speed. The seller says that the engine is just rebuilt and it needs a run-in. Find it for sale at €109,900 (today $116,500) here in Sala Consilina, Italy.

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