Rusted but upgraded: 1963 Volkswagen Double-Cab


There are no many double cab for sale and often they need a lot of work before putting them again on the road, however sometimes you stumble across a truck like this which needs only to be driven.


It’s a 1963 double cab which has not a shiny paint for sure, but indeed it has a lot of upgrades which make it fit for the modern traffic. The seller says that if you don’t like rust this is not the car for you, but on the other side he spent a lot of money on engine and drivetrain.


New powerful 1759 c.c. engine with double corburetors, stainless steel exhaust, Wilwood brakes and Fuchs replica wheels with modern tires are the bigger upgrades made on this odd truck, but new shocks and a modified freeway-flyer transmission don’t come for free. Find it for sale at $28,000 here in Mesa, AZ.


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