The unexpected: 1956 Volvo P1900


Again, this is a car never seen before. It’s Called P1900 and it’s a fiberglass car built by Volvo during 1956 and ’57, in no more than 70 units.


This was quite an experiment made by Volvo: the fiberglass body was commissioned to Glasspar when Assar Gabrielsson, founder of Volvo, saw the Corvette during a trip in the U.S.A., so he thought that Volvo too could build a beautiful roadster.


Unfortunately this car didn’t match the Volvo quality standards: it is said that the Volvo CEO Assar Gabrielsson, after a weekend trip at the wheel of this car, was so unsatisfied that he said “I thought it would fall apart!”. Apart from this, this is truly a neat car: moreover this particular car has a beautiful turqoise/red color combo, and it’s pretty sure an head turner. Unfortunately the asking price is a head turner too. Find it for sale at €94,500 (today $124,500) here in Boxtel, The Netherlands.


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