Restored then forgotten: 1947 MG TC “Twin spare”


It’s not the first time we see a car (or more than one) which is leaved in a garage soon after having been restored: this time the protagonist is a 1947 MG TC.

ScreenShot003The seller says that this car is stored in his mom’s house which is going to be sold: of course this is a car too nice to be sold in a bundle with an house. The photos are not the best around but that’s clear that this is a restored car: the seller says that the car run well before being stored an probably it would need a little effort to run again.

ScreenShot002That’s the first TC we see which has the twin spare wheel: we didn’t even know that that was an option on these cars. The car features a beautiful cream/red color combo: both inside and outside it seems in very good conditions. If this car has been restored and stored well, the asking price could be the cost of the restoration alone. Find it for sale at $24,000 here in Brooklyn, NY.

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