Twin cam van: 1968 Alfa Romeo F12


We believe that Italy was the only place on hearth where someone could think to build a twin cam engine powered van, and that place was Arese, just outside Milano, in a factory called Alfa Romeo.


Indeed this van (along with others like Romeo 1° and 2°) is powered by the same single carburetor of the Giulia sedan: of course the power was reduced to increase torque: a van capable of revving up to 6,500 r.p.m. is unuseful. Indeed the engine of this van is rated at only 52 h.p.


This particular van is said to be completely original and just for this reason it shows some signs of use and of years but it has still its original papers and plates along with the original spare wheel and key, jack and owner’s manual. Not many around of these and this one looks very good. Maybe it’s not fast but at least it can boast the same heart grille of the contemporary GTA. Find it for sale at €8,200 (today $11,200) here in Reggio Emilia, Italy.

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