The anti-Porsche: 1973 Ford Capri RS 2600 MKI


An urban legend tells that back in early ’70’s Alexander Onassis, son of Aristotiles, lost a race accross Paris against Ford works driver François Mazet driving a Ford Capri RS 2600. Onassis was then driving a Porsche 911S, probably a 2.4l car.


Apart from the driver’s qualities, it’s not so difficult to believe that this car could compete with a 911S as the 2600 c.c. V6 engine produces something among 160 and 170 h.p. The amazing thing is that this car costed, back then, little more than the half of a Porsche S.


This particular car is said to be a preserved specimen with original paint and interiors (we think that at least the seats have been redone) which had also an anti-corrosion treatment all over the body. It also has a limited slip differential. It indeed looks healthy and ready to run. Find it for sale at €26,000 (today $35,000) here in Belloy-en-France, France.

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