No rain, no gain: 1940 Fiat 1500 6C by Palanca


According to the seller, this early barchetta was built by (or based on the design of) Armando Palanca, and built on the chassis, engine and suspensions of a 1940 Fiat 1500 6C. Armando Palanca, not known by most people, was an italian aeronautical engineer (perhaps the top-notch back then) who worked with the team which developed speed-breaking hydroplanes between the’30’s and ’40’s.


Well, the story is fascinating but we hope that the seller could provide something more than a name as proof. Many replica (fakes) have been built during the last twenty years but this car seems a real period barchetta. This car is far from being beautiful, and that’s the reason why we don’t think at a fake.


However, the fact is that the new owner will surely want to see some b/w photo. In the meantime, enjoy the naive lines of this car which preferably needs to stay away from rain. Find it for sale at €80,000 (today $102,000) here in Cosenza, Italy.

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