Farina outside: 1950 Simca 8 Sport Cabriolet


In the late ’40’s, the french Simca began to produce the Simca 8 based on the Fiat 1100C chassis and mechanicals. This car was actually almost the exact copy of its italian cousin, the Fiat 1100C by Farina coachworks. Both cars owe a lot to the Cisitalia 202 Cabriolet. On the Simca 8, the engine had a special treatment as its displacement was rised to 1221 c.c.


This particular car seems clean and sharp; we can’t spot any major imperfection with the exception of the front grille which seems the same one fitted on the coupè (three thick chromed bars instead of five slim ones), but we could easily be wrong.


Nothing bad to say about interiors. We saw a survivor sister of this car, and we can confirm that the stitching pattern of the seats is correct. Find it for sale at €52,900 (today $68,500) here in Bergeijk, Netherlands.

5 thoughts on “Farina outside: 1950 Simca 8 Sport Cabriolet

  1. Robert Garbario – I need to get in touch with you. Just bought a project car. noted your comments in BaT about having front and rear clips. I need help with parts. Your cars are beautiful. Contact me at mak6@psu.edu or call 610-246-8850


  2. Hello again. THE grill opening appears to be to large. IT looks to be THE same as A 50 or 51 grill opening. I also have À 1952 coupe and À 1951 Cabrolet. Sorry of I am in error.



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