War machine: 1943 Volkswagen KDF


The fact that the ad concerning this car does not have an exposed price is certainly something we like very little, but it is not very relevant.



This is because the car in question is said to be a KDF of 1943, or one of those very few specimens that have come down to the present day after more than 70 years of wandering around the world and passing through the hands of many owners even if, in this case, it seems that the owners of this car were very few.

The first owner was probably the German army or aviation during the war, obviously, once the war ended the car was brought to the USA by an American soldier, unfortunately dead at the wheel of this car a few years later. The car was then kept for years by the soldier’s parents and then repaired using parts of other Beetles: it is clear that a true expert is needed here to understand what is correct and what is not, however it is an investigation that is worth doing. Find it for sale here in Winchester, CA.


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