Rare color: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000


We are all used to see the Alfa Spider 1600/2000 in the typical red color, and rarely do we see color variations on this model, until the moment we see a yellow one.


Months ago we published one, for sale by the same dealer, painted in a beautiful dark green color (also a rare color), but almost never we saw a yellow one and it seems that this is its original color. Unfortunately we could not find the specific name of the color.


The seller has not wasted many words to describe it: he says that the interior is leather and Alcantara, which has new tires and drums and that in this color is untraceable. However, it seems like a self-sufficiently well-maintained car that needs some care, but it would still be usable as it is, without any specific intervention other than good service. After all, when will you find another yellow one for sale? Find it for sale at €17,500 (today $19,900) here in Brescia, Italy.


4 thoughts on “Rare color: 1991 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000

  1. According to many sources, “Giallo Ginestra” (broom or gorse yellow) was introduced in 1992, not so uncommon, Lechler catalog says code 258/A, same as Fiat 258/A, since 1991 for Alfas.
    After Fiat acquired Alfa Romeo, some Turin colors were adopted also on Milan cars, and don’t forget that Pininfarina was based in Turin area.
    Giallo Fly is more for Ferraris, but this is another story.

    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (Italy)


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