Special wagon: 1951 Fiat 1100 E wagon by Monterosa


How many of these wagons have you seen live or for sale in recent years? I’ll tell you: none, because this is an extremely rare car. It is in fact a special body made by Monterosa, a bodyshop very active in the first decade after WWII which was working in particular on Fiat.


In fact, we also tried to search this car through the reload engines but we did not find any period photos; Unfortunately, at this moment we do not have our books available and therefore we can not compare the photos made available by the seller with some old photos so to understand how this car has been changed over time: the only thing we know for sure is that the tail lights are not original. Find it for sale at €25,000 (today $29,000) here in Camposanpiero, Italy.


2 thoughts on “Special wagon: 1951 Fiat 1100 E wagon by Monterosa

  1. The ad say the car was realized by Carrozzeria Monterosa (Turin first, then Moncalieri, 1946 – 1961), a company specialized in Fiat based Station Wagons.
    The license plate shows a “3” as the first of five figures, thus meaning that license was released in VE-nice between second half of 1955 and first half of 1958.
    About original lights, tail or not, consider that in 1951 many vehicles had a single tail light, usually on the left: red parking light, red reflector, red / orange / amber stop light, and a white lense for license plate, possibily using the same parking light bulb. For direction changes a couple of “trafficators” (frecce a bacchetta) was placed in the most convenient and visible position.
    After some upgrades in 1954 and 1955, in 1959 the new street law was approved, so all three and four wheelers had to adopt second tail light, and front, side and rear orange turning lights instead of trafficators.
    It’s obvious that many vehicles were designed with the new lights lay out far before 1959, while those with old system had to be upgraded: that’s why there’re so many pre 1950 cars with not original but more modern lights.
    Giuseppe Maranghi – Laveno (VA – Italy)


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