Red and clean: 1969 Alfa Romeo Duetto 1750


The Duetto 1750 is the rarest among the Duetto (a.k.a. “Graduate”) model produced by Alfa: actually we didn’t event thought that this could be a 1750.


And that’s because the asking price – for a real 1750 – is more than good, especially if the conditions of the car are as good as they seem; unfortunately the seller has posted several photos but none of them has been taken in high resolution. Whatever, the car looks good and it has the hardtop too.


As already said, the car is said to be a 1750 but there is no mention of the chassis or engine number; the seller says that’s a matching numbers car, all original apart from the paint: it woud be bery interesting to inspect it in flesh. Find it or sale at $35,000 here in Lomita, CA.


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