Something in the middle: 1968 MC GT38 Porsche/Corsa


Actually we didn’t now how to name this car as it is a prototype built in 1968, using different parts from different cars.


The engine should come from, we suppose, from a Chevrolet Corvair Corsa, it is a flat six engine with the “Corsa” option so it is fed with four carburetors and it has an horizontal fan which recalls the engine of the legendary Porsche 917. The transmission comes from a 1965 Porsche 911.


The seller says that this car weighs less than 1,200 pounds and it has 200+ hp @ 6500 RPM, so it has quite an interesting horse/weight ratio: there is an excerpt from a period magazine which describes this car as “scary fast”. This looks an interesting experiment which, of course, must be seen in flesh and maybe driven before paying the asking price which is not low. Find it for sale at $58,500 here in Risingsun, OH.

3 thoughts on “Something in the middle: 1968 MC GT38 Porsche/Corsa

  1. I tried to buy this from the 2nd owner for his asking price of $7K local to me in the Detroit area. He stopped returning my phone calls… it was in non running condition and covered in dust, but I could tell it was something special. This guy clearly bought it and is now flipping it for a huge profit. It was on EBay 2 weeks ago for $125K..


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