Labor of love: 1962 Ford Consul Capri


The Consul Capri built by Ford EU was the attempt of building a cheap but good looking coupé for the masses: unfortunately its low-powered engine and production cost didn’t contribute to its commercial success.


Clearly the body has some typical early ’60s as it took some design elements from the Ford Thunderbird and the Ford Galaxie Sunliner. The problem with the body was that it was complicated and then expensive to build, so the project was doomed from the start: it was produced for barely three years and then replaced by the Ford Corsair.


So few of these cars are still around: this particular car is said to be one of the 189 imported in Italy in 1962 so probably this is one of the very few around. The owner made a true labor of love with this car: it has been totally restored mechanically as well as the body and interiors which look brand new. It seems that no expense have been spared on this car which is for sale at a price surely lower than the restoration cost. Find it for sale at €23,000 (today $24,000) here in Milano, Italy.

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