Four lights, two camshafts: 1963 Fiat 1600S O.S.C.A.


The fifties and the sixties were the decades when Fiat still knew how to build sport cars: the 1600S with the O.S.C.A. engine is a proof of that.


Indeed this car is equipped with the D.O.H.C. four cylinder engine built by Maserati brothers in the early fifties and the “sold” to Fiat which made a less angry version of it: it was detuned in order to make it more reliable and resistant for a normal road use.


273 cars like this one were built so you don’t see one for sale very often: this particular car is said to be a preserved specimen (but it’s clear that the paint and the chrome have been redone) and to have all the original books along with a spare keys. We actually love this car which looks like a scaled Ferrari 250 GT/E, and we believe that the asking price for this specimen is way fair. Find it for sale at €38,000 (today $41,000) here in Onore, Italy.


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