French BBQ: 1980 Citroen Dyane 6 “Buffet truck”


Now we are used to see strange cars during our car ads surfing but we decided to stop at this as it is odd, really odd.


The seller calls it  “Buffet” and it’s basically a Citroen Dyane (the seller doesn’t mention what model year is the base car so we arbitrarily have chosen the year 1980) modified with the addition of one more axle.


Here the joke is double: on one side, when the tanks are closed, the car would blink to fuel tanker trucks, and indeed on the tanks have been applied some sticker of Agip, a big italian oil company, but once the tanks are open there is a full set for the bbq. However, one tank was not enough in the mind of the builder of this car, so a trailer has been added to integrate such oddity. You’ll not see anymore another machine like this for years, many years to come. Find it for sale at €7,200 (today $9,300) here in Bolzano, Italy.

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