Golden star: 1980 Mercedes-Benz 350 SL


This MB 350 “Pagoda” seems to be in exceptional status, moreover it’s an Euro car which means that it has not those ugly DOT homologated bumpers and no side markers. The overall look of the car is clean and elegant.


Interiors seem nothing but perfect; the mixed upholstery is not usual and gives to the interiors a very elegant look. MB quality is clearly visible here.


The engine bay looks extremely clean (like the whole car). The 8V is not a racing engine but it’s a rock-solid unit and plenty of torque and it makes this car a great cruiser. For sure this car is the pagoda to have, although we can’t know the reserve price, which is probably far from the current bid of $ 12,600. Find it here for sale in Portland, OR.


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