Interceptor: 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500

Interceptor is the name given in the 1960s to the engines installed on police cars for pursuit: the most famous is the 428 cubic inch one first installed by Bob Tasca Sr. on the second series Mustang.

Shelby also did not miss the opportunity to use this engine for “his” Mustangs: initially it was thought to install the Ford 427 which, however, was more delicate and rougher than the 428 (and also more expensive) for road use. What we see here is one of his creations, hidden from humanity for more than 40 years.

The story is in fact the one described by the seller: “In 1974, after 70k + miles the first owner decided to sell the GT500 and so the car was placed on a used car forecourt in Greenville, Ohio, where the car was sold to the Dillan family who used the car for just a few months. Unfortunately their financial situation changed and the car was returned, under the understanding it could be purchased back at a later date and as such the Shelby was placed into storage. Surprisingly the family never returned and so the Shelby resided in with the dealer, Mr Howard Brewer, who placed the car in separated locked storage unit along with 2 other cars where they was forgotten about after he passed away.
Rumors of the vehicles were passed through the family and local area but the cars remained buried in storage until 2014 when they were re-discovered by Mr Brewer’s niece and nephew, after his wife Betty Brewer produced a box of skeleton keys for the forgotten units. All 3 cars remained in place until Mrs Brewer passed away in 2016 and the cars were sold to a well known US car dealer, who was also provided with some crucial photographs of the car in period from children of the Dillan family, the 2nd owners of the Shelby. Thanks to the photographs and stories from the Dillan family the dealer was able to verify many specific details of the car, including the tires, which remained when it was uncovered in 2016. “

What can I say: the only “defect” that we see in this car is the presence of the automatic gearbox instead of the manual one and the fact that, despite being in excellent condition for its age, the mechanical part will certainly need to be rebuilt. Other than that, the car should be leaved as is. Find it for sale at $183,000 here in Rudgwick, UK.


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