Custom built: 1956 Porsche 356 “Sportolet”


We remember very well this car when it was for sale in the USA, a few years ago, just because it is a very nice and very well done special.


Of course it will make many purists cringe but they too can not deny the constructive quality and attention to detail lavished in the construction of this special 356 which has already received many awards from the 356 fan community. After all, it was built for himself by one of the most renowned restorers and connoisseurs of the 356, Lewis Hauser.


It is said that Ferdinand Porsche himself once stopped the owner to ask him about this car. This custom was built starting from a chassis of a 1956 coupe, and equipped with a 912 engine (to make driving more cheerful), the other components (all derived from Porsche) come from a Speedster and a Roadster, the color is Hoffman Blue and it does not have the soft top: you can not have everything in life. Find it for sale at £139,995 (today $182,000) here in Saltash, UK.


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