No words: 1970 Simca 1200 S Coupé by Bertone


What we can’t understand is why many people are so stingy with words when it’s time to describe the car they are selling.Whatever, this car speaks enough for itself.


It’s a Simca 1200S by Bertone, a car which is well know by many Classic Virus readers as we have posted many of these cars for sale: because it’s tiny, because is cute, because it’s plenty of style. The 1200S is the bigger sister of the 1000 model which was not only less powerful (the 1200 S is pushed by an inline-four, fed by two double-throat carburetors) but it had also a different nose.


As we just told, this car has basically no description: the seller forgot also to say when this car was produced: we guess 1970 but we cannot be sure of that. It said to have a good engine, nice interiors but that the paint needs some attentions. What we can say is that it looks very original (still has the original wheels, while many on the market so far had aftermarket mag wheels) and that the price is interesting. Find it for sale at €11,500 (today $12,500) here in Monsummano Terme, Italy.

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