Small is good: 1950 Siata Amica by Bertone

There was a big difference between the convertibles produced immediately after World War II in Europe vs the USA, a difference summarized very well by the Siata Amica.

The difference was obviously clear from the dimensions: if we take the Ford Custom Convertible of the same year for example, we have a length of 196.6 in | 4994 mm, against 138 in | About 3500 mm of the small Italian convertible; not to mention the weight of the car and the displacement of the engines: in short, this looks like a pedal car compared to the smallest car produced in the USA at the same time.

However, pedal cars also have their charm and this example is no exception: it is a model restored about twenty years ago that is still in excellent condition even if, we seem to notice, it has some imperfections. The bumpers are missing, the spoked wheels do not look like Borrani but British style ones and we are not very sure of the correctness of the interior. However, these are stains that can be removed: at the right price, of course. Find it for sale at €60,000 (today $73,000) here in Desenzano del Garda, Italy.


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